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Storytelling is about empathy, and that’s my superpower as an audiobook narrator. Between my voracious reading, extensive experience as a French translator, and background in violin and piano, I’m intimately familiar with the universal power of stories and the cultural connections that help tales stand out.

Whether drawing from my mathematics background to read non-fiction with authority, or my black belt in kung fu san soo to truthfully perform internal growth and adventure, my voice brings smoothness and honesty to audiobooks across genres.

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Audio Samples

Middle Grade
French & English

About Me

Growing up in a multicultural setting and having traveled the world, I've come to understand the universal power of storytelling and the importance of conveying emotions across different languages and cultures. As a narrator, I bring this experience to life, helping you connect with your audience by transforming your content into an engaging and relatable experience that resonates across borders.

  • How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator (non-fiction, ACX)
  • Stand Up, Yumi Chung! (middle grade, Learning Ally)
  • The Twelve (middle grade, Learning Ally)
  • Let's Meet a Construction Worker (children's, Learning Ally)
  • Dress-Up Day: All Kinds of Clothes (children's, Learning Ally)
  • It All Adds Up: Earning Money (children's, Learning Ally)
Playing strong, sassy t(w)een girls
Fluent in French, some Cantonese
Chinese-American raised in Kansas
Recording Space
In-home studio

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